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Immigration to the UK

We help you stay in the UK legally and for a long time

Moving to the UK is a costly process in terms of effort and finances. Therefore, if you are already thinking about immigrating to the UK, it is easier and more profitable to immediately count on the fact that you will stay here for a long time. In addition, the status of a residence permit provides a number of significant benefits from a social, financial, legal point of view.

BS Consulting is certified as a migration advisor, and therefore is well versed in all issues related to visas, residence permits and citizenship. We know how to immigrate to the UK legally, how to settle down and provide yourself with a reliable option to stay for a long time and move your family.

Gulder Aitbayeva

Head of Immigration Department
Immigration Advisor

Иммиграция в Великобританию, иммиграционный консультант

BS Consulting is a licensed Immigration Adviser.
This means that we not only have passed the appropriate exam for the official status of “immigration consultant”, but we conduct our activities in accordance with the laws and requirements of the UK and help with the legalization of documents: obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit, British citizenship only by legal proven methods.

4 reasons to emigrate

Why immigration to the UK is a smart decision?

High quality of life.

On January 2022 the UK minimum wage is £1,315 per month. On average, after taxes people receive £2,000-4,000 per month, depending on what they do and in which particular city they work. The minimum hourly rate for people over 25 is £8.71.

Of course, if we talk about London, this is not so much. After all, just renting a room in the British capital will cost at least £150-200 per week. But if you plan to immigrate to a smaller city, for example, to Birmingham (Midland, west of the country), housing will be several times cheaper. Therefore, before giving a green light, we carefully think over a detailed plan for immigration to the UK and, starting from the client’s requests and capabilities.

In our practice, it has repeatedly happened that a person, already living in one point of the country, changed his location, because there the costs were lower, and the opportunities were suitable.

Extensive business opportunities.

The level of bureaucracy in Britain can’t be called low, but everything is very clear, transparent and understandable: do everything right and in the right order – you get the expected result. Make a mistake and start all over again. There is a clear system in the country: documents are issued on time (albeit sometimes for a long time), governmental stuff don’t come with checks without a wire, they don’t write out fines just like that. You can open a company in less than a day, with the right approach, it is possible to find additional funding and support.

And if you have a residence permit, you’ll have the additional opportunities in terms of state and banking support, attracting investors and grants. Therefore, immigration to the UK is an excellent option for those who want professional development, a sense of security and stability.

Comfort and safety.

Even if you decide to emigrate not to the capital, but to some small city, you don’t have to worry about entertainment, transport accessibility and well-groomed public spaces. Life in such places, of course, is more calm and measured, but the cost of living is much lower.

The level of personal freedoms in Britain is high. And if you have already lived here for some time, you have definitely noticed that people do not have prejudices about the choice of religion, orientation, political views. And any aggression in this regard is punishable by serious fines.

Social security.

Long-term immigration to the UK allows you not to worry that one day you will not be needed by the state, and you will be left in a difficult situation. In Britain, there is a wide range of subsidies, allowances, benefits, social benefits not only for citizens, but also for holders of a residence permit, permanent residence and even ordinary visas. That is, if you live in the country legally, you can count on support.

Immigration: conditions for obtaining permanent residence in the UK


Live in the UK for 3-5 years* on visas/residence permits. At the same time, you can travel to other countries for no more than 180 days each year.


Do not violate local laws.


Pass English proficiency exams at a level not lower than B1.


Successfully pass the Life in the UK test on knowledge of British history, culture, social traditions, etc.

In general, 5 years must pass before applying for the first permanent residence.
There are only two exceptions:


Innovator visa. You get it right away, bypassing the start-up visa, after three years you successfully pass the language test and prove that your company has good prospects for further development.


Investments. Investors can apply for permanent residence in 2-3 years, but for this they must invest at least £5-10 million in the British economy.

A separate issue is refugee status. But getting it is not so easy: you need to provide undeniable evidence that living in your homeland is dangerous for you. If successful, the visa will be valid for 5 years. After that, you can apply for permanent residence, which will be given only if the situation in your native country has not changed. After another five years, you can apply for a British passport.

Our services

How much does it cost to immigrate to the UK?

We help you go through the immigration process from the moment you decide which way to go, to filling out, submitting and receiving a response on the application.

Start-Ups Visa/ Innovative Visa
£ 2 400
Work Visas
£ 1 200 – 1 500
Student Visas
£ 960 – 1 200
Settlement/ ILR
£ 1 500
Visitor Visa
£ 960 – 1 200
Family Visas
£ 1 200 -1 500
British Nationality
£ 1 500

*We add VAT 20% to all prices

The full range of services we provide for immigration programs and prices are on the Services and Prices page

Regardless of which path you choose to emigrate, it is important to understand that the action plan will be individual in each case. We cannot create some universal plan for immigration. Specific services, conditions, terms, necessary documents, sequence of actions, preliminary preparation will depend on the initial conditions. That is, from your base, plans, areas of interest and prospects.

Therefore, in BS Consulting, the first stage of work with any client is a consultation.


30-40 minutes


£100 + VAT = £120