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BS Consulting: we help with the legalization and renewal of documents, residence permit, British nationality

  • fair
  • legally
  • no headache

Obtaining a residence permit in England is not an easy task. The BS Consulting team knows all the legal ways through which you can become the owner of a residence permit in the UK, extend or obtain the necessary documents. We have the status of an immigration adviser (OISC) and advise on all issues related to full-fledged settlement in the UK: from preparing documents to opening, running a business, finding a job, studying, and subsequently – an applying for a settlement/ILR or naturalization. 

We don’t receive a residence permit or settlement, UK naturalization instead of you. But we’ll tell you in details how to pass this way in your specific situation. Depending on the initial data, your current status and plans for the future.

In addition to support in obtaining a UK residence permit, we help to open and run a business in England, if desired, we take care of all accounting and tax issues, fill out documents for social benefits and accompany in resolving all issues related to legalization and adaptation.

  • fair
  • legally
  • no headache
BS Consulting team
Подача на ПМЖ, ВНЖ, гражданство Великобритании

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

BS Consulting is a licensed Immigration Adviser. This means that we have not only passed the relevant exam for the official status of “immigration consultant”, but we conduct our business in accordance with the laws and requirements of the UK.

IFA membership

We have a membership certificate from the Institute of Financial Accountants. IFA is an internationally recognized professional association of accountants and a member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), a global accounting standards developer and regulator.

What do we offer?


Accounting management. We know everything and even more about the company’s documentation. We will deal with taxes, financial statements, registration of transactions, organization of new directions. We will tell you in what form it is more profitable to do business, depending on the field of activity, the number of employees, expected income, desired prospects. We will tell you whether it is possible to obtain a residence permit in the UK on the basis of a business, if necessary, we will help you find ways to reduce taxes in legal ways.

We have a membership certificate from the Institute of Financial Accountants.

IFA is an internationally recognized professional association of accountants and a member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), a global accounting standards developer and regulator.


Immigration Services. We help to stay in Britain for a long time. And now we are talking not only about a residence permit in England. But also about the extension and obtaining a settlement/ILR, and after – British naturalization. If you have already moved to the United Kingdom, then you obviously know that this process is not the easiest and fastest. Therefore, we immediately recommend considering Britain as a long-term home. In addition, we help to change the type of visa, invite relatives to the country, unite with the family – in general, we “close” all visa issues.


Opening and running a business. Perhaps you are now at the stage of moving to the country and only planning to open a company. Or you already have a temporary residence permit in the UK on a business basis, but want to entrust all the paperwork to professionals.

Or you are interested in starting a company that will provide you with a settlement and British nationality in the long term. And is it important for you to know the size of the minimum investment, to make document analysis and to visit various government services. In any of these cases, it’s time to contact us.

We will take care of all issues, starting with business registration and ending with accounting and tax reporting. If necessary, we will deal with the registration of the merger / closing of the company. We get involved in the work at any stage of development, even if the current situation is very complex and neglected.

Получение вида на жительство, гражданства Великобритании

Why us?

We cover the whole process

We approach the solution of the issue comprehensively and work for the result. You can contact us, for example, for obtaining a residence permit or British citizenship. Or opening a company, bookkeeping, creating a “strong” business plan. Choosing a suitable educational institution or filling out an application for receiving social benefits. Whatever it is, we will join the solution of the problem from all sides in order to achieve the desired result. At BS Consulting, everyone is responsible for their own direction, and together we form a team that effectively copes with tasks of any complexity.

We have many years of experience

We have our own stories of difficult immigration to the UK from the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan and elsewhere. BS Consulting is a multinational team, each person in which has his own interesting story of moving and adapting to this country. Add here the cases of many of our clients related to immigration, obtaining and extending residence permits, British citizenship, obtaining Investor Visa and Startup Visa and doing business in the country – and we get a huge base of practical knowledge. Thanks to which we know exactly how to cope with even the most difficult task.

We know exactly how

Each of us has a specialized education and a wealth of knowledge related to obtaining a residence permit, British naturalization, launching startups and running companies, approving benefits, provision of accounting services. We know exactly the grounds for obtaining, the validity period of the existing permit. Know what additional documents are required to obtain a residence permit or passport. We have applied our knowledge on hundreds of cases, and therefore, in practice, we checked what works and what doesn’t.

Resolving issues on the spot

Our entire team lives and works in London. This allows us to resolve all issues related to obtaining a residence permit in the UK, settlement, naturalization, opening and running a business, applying to various government authorities more easily and quickly. We know where to come, whom to contact and how to build a workflow. We know how certain structures work and what should be taken into account when intending to settle in this country for a long time.

How do we cooperate?

Consultation first, then everything else.

Accounting, Immigration Services Consulting, Business
£ 120
£ 100 + VAT
Duration – 30-40 minutes

We discuss important issues for you related to:

  • Accounting and financial planning for companies and individuals;
  • Obtaining a residence permit, British naturalization;
  • Opening, running a business, including developing a business plan, obtaining appropriate visas, attracting investments, maintaining financial documentation, taxes, registering procedures, opening new directions, etc.;

We’re prepared for the consultation in advance, specifying what topic you are interested in and why you are contacting us.

It doesn’t matter what kind of service you need – obtaining or extending a temporary residence permit in the UK or settlement/ILR, citizenship, opening a company, maintaining documentation, processing benefits – it is important for us to know your situation. On what grounds you are in England, what goals you set for yourself, what the nuances and restrictions are, what exactly you want from us.