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Providing accounting services
in the UK by a certified specialist

In accordance with British law, only registered private professionals and organizations can undertake legal accounting services for local companies. That is, accounting services can only be provided by the chartered accountant. Who received the appropriate education and passed the professional qualification exams.

The accountant of Best Solutions Consulting Ltd is IFA qualified (Institute of Financial Accountants in UK). This is a premium accounting qualification on the gold standard, which gives the right to be thus a chartered accountant and legally provide a full range of financial services to British companies.

Gulziya Aitbay

Director of BS Consulting
Head of accounting services department

Бухгалтерские услуги и сопровождение в Великобритании

We have a membership certificate from the Institute of Financial Accountants. IFA is an internationally recognized professional association of accountants and a member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), a global accounting standards developer and regulator.

Why is it important to seek
the services of a graduate accountant?

Professional knowledge and experience

In British practice, a certified public accountant is only one who has membership in the Institute or the Association of Chartered Certified Public Accountants. To come to this, a specialist has to study for several years, after – to pass a series of very difficult qualifying exams in financial management, auditing, business strategy, and taxation. Complete an internship in a private or public company. And only after that the specialist can be called a certified public accountant.

The BS Consulting accountant has gone through this path and has been putting into practice the acquired financial knowledge in local firms for several years now. Constantly attends refresher courses and gains additional knowledge.

Full order with taxes and reporting

The UK Tax Office doesn’t issue agency numbers to companies that provide accounting services from outside the UK. That is, organizations that aren’t registered in Britain and don’t have accreditation from the Tax Office, don’t have the right to offer services in the country. Turning to such specialists may entail fewer additional costs, but at the same time, it threatens with fines and complete uncertainty about the future.

Full range of services

We provide accounting support and maintenance of self-employed, LTD, LLP. We offer bookkeeping and business accounting services. Our services include the closure of all accounting issues and allow you to forget what competent documentation and timely closure of financial, tax issues and cases are. You can easily focus on business development, and immediately outsource accounting to our team.

UK market knowledge

The entire BS Consulting team has been living and working in London for many years. Therefore, we offer the provision of accounting services not online, but on the spot, after talking with you personally and fully understanding the course of the matter. The experience gained allows us to clearly and substantively speak about the most likely prospects, deadlines, the current situation and plan further work.

How much does professional bookkeeping cost?

For self-employed

from £ 15 per month
SELF-ASSESSMENT Check from HMRC for 1 Tax Year
from £ 300


Accounts, annual return, Corporation Tax once a year for our client not on monthly fee
from £ 50 per month
Registration for CIS / VAT / PAYE for new customer
£ 100
VAT or CIS return for our client
£ 50 per month
Bookkeeping up to 50 transactions per month
from £ 50 per month

*VAT 20% will be added to all amounts

A complete list of services with prices is on a separate page

To find out what type of accounting services you need, what are the features of your company, what is the expected scope of work and what will be the final cost – we will definitely conduct the first consultation. The interview lasts 30-40 minutes. During this time, we learn all the features, draw up a further action plan, answer specialized and organizational questions.

The cost of the consultation

£100 + VAT = £120

If after the first conversation you decide to continue working with us, we will deduct the cost of the consultation from the invoice for services.

We will help you solve any accounting issues, correct errors related to documentation, payment of taxes and VAT, audit the current situation and identify existing problems. It is safer and easier to turn to a certified accountant in time than to spend time and money on correcting mistakes and the consequences of the work of unskilled firms.

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